There is a sharply increasing percentage of candidates to appeal their NYPD NOPD p

sychological disqualification who are exceeding at a second interview.

Before you can get a second interview you must appeal.

It’s good to get the facts before you act.

I am available for a phone consultation or a zoom conference or FaceTime. We can discuss the facts of your history;  the appeal process including NOPD appeals or step 1; what occurred in the oral psychological interview; tips and tactics and how to avoid the traps in a second interview; the process for filing an appeal with the New York City Civil Service Commission if you do not succeed at step one.; How to present the best case to get a hearing before the commission and how to succeed at a hearing before the commission.

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When you receive a civil service job disqualification such as a NYPD psych dq and/or FDNY medical disqualification it’s crucial that you meet with a civil service law attorney to discuss your case.

An attorney who is knowledgeable in the area will be able to explain to you the three steps to the appeal process. The attorney will be able to get your background, history and complete story of your application process, any interaction you may have had with the hiring agency’s interviewers and discuss with you the best way to approach an appeal.

This is best done in person. This time will be spent reviewing documents and discussing your life, education, work history and any jobs you may have had. It is also good to discuss what happened during the application process, whether it be background, medical or psychological. After discussing all of the facts, you can decide if you would like to act.

It is always best to communicate, get all the facts, discuss the strategy and decide if you would like to take action. Sometimes deferring to another test or looking at other jobs may be the best advice.

For more than 18 years now, I have been helping civil service job candidates file their appeals, along with advising them whether or not their appeal may be successful.

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We are here to assist you if you receive a NYPD Disqualification.

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There is a two step appeal process.

The first appeal is to the NYPD who will review the appeal package you submit. In the case of psychological disqualifications you may get a second psych interview. If you receive a second psych interview it is best to prepare with an expert. The main issues that will come up in the second psych interview are obvious.

The next step in the appeal process would be a Notice of Disqualification which would be appealed to the NYC Civil Service Commission. The Commission holds hearings to determine if your disqualification was improper.

When you are disqualified that disqualification will not be reversed unless you choose to take action. I have been assisting disqualified NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, NYC DOC candidates for more than 18 years. Each appeal is different just as your history of school, work and personal relationships are different.

In addition to free in office consultations, I also offer a free ZOOM consultation or phone consultation.

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The best advice you can receive if you want to be a NYPD officer is to get your Certificates of Disposition from any arrests or summonses you may have received and your Lifetime Abstract from New York State Department of Motor Vehicles before you complete your Applicant Processing forms.

If you guess about any arrests you may have or moving violations or summonses you had you will receive a Notice of Proposed Disqualification-NOPD stating that you are disqualified for “Omission of Pertinent Facts.”

The NYPD or other hiring agency such as, NYC Department of Correction or FDNY have access to all of this information and when you submit an incomplete form they will compare it to their computer printouts and disqualify you.

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What must I do every day if I am a candidate?

If you are processing to be an NYPD officer you must check your email everyday.

When you appeared at the Candidate Assessment Division you signed a form giving the NYPD permission to contact you by email.

You can receive a Character Disqualification email from


You can receive a Psychological Disqualification from

If you receive one of these emails and do not respond within 30 days you will most likely lose your chance to appeal.

This is especially true for the Psychological Disqualifications.  In NYPD psych dq cases if you do not respond to the NOPD within 30 days you will receive a Notice of Disqualification or NOD.   When you appeal the NOD to the New York City Civil Service Commission they will forward you a form with a series of questions requesting an explanation for your failure to respond to the NOPD.  In most cases your reasoning will not be accepted and your appeal will be dismissed.

How do I file an appeal?

There are two (2) steps to the appeal process.

You will receive a NOPD or Notice of Proposed Disqualification.

This appeal goes back to the hiring agency.

It could be psychological, medical or background/character.

It is best to consult with an attorney to discuss the facts of your disqualification, the appeal process and the most compelling arguments for you to succeed.

Should I file an appeal or withdraw from a disqualification?

It depends.  If the agency or department that disqualified you is the job you really want then it might be best to challenge the decision promptly because experience shows that time will usually not change that agency’s decision.

What are my chances of winning an appeal?

Appeal chances are decided on a case by case basis.

What did the agency base their disqualification decision on?

Is the hiring agency’s decision rational and can the agency defend it?

What is it about you that makes you a qualified candidate?

Your education, work history, accomplishments, college degrees, special skills, outstanding, problem free work, school records.  No involvement with law enforcement and good driving record.  Also, if you had some problems in the past, what have you done to overcome them and transform yourself into the person you are today?

Can I handle the appeal process myself?

Your chances to succeed significantly increase when you use an expert to assist you.

Why do I need an Attorney?

I have been assisting disqualified civil service job candidates for more than 18 years.  Over that time I have learned what the hiring agencies are looking for and what arguments are successful in getting candidate’s disqualifications reversed.  I am familiar with the appeals process and have argued cases before the NYC Civil Service Commission going back to 2003.  Having an expert greatly increases your chances of getting your disqualification reversed.

What are the steps in an appeal process?


If you are a candidate for NYPD Police Officer you must check your email inbox every day for emails from: or

 You may receive an email stating: Notice of Proposed Disqualification. This is a NOPD. You usually have thirty (30) days to file an Appeal. Sometimes you have only fifteen (15) days .


  1. File appeal. Expert to get hiring agency file.
  2. Designate expert. Prepare rebuttal report.
  3. In office preparation or ZOOM interview for re-interview discussing key issues in Psychologist’s reports.

Re-interview with Different Psychologist usually at Lefrak City offices.


  1. Collect information regarding background.
  2. Prepare appeal package with all documents.
  3. File appeal.


  1. You will receive a letter saying you were disqualified from the hiring agency.
  2. You have 30 days to appeal (Time varies-Reference NOD Letter).
  3. File an appeal package with the Civil Service Commission.
  4. In Office Preparation for re-interview, if granted, or Civil Service Commission Hearing, if granted.


  1. Lawsuit filed in NYS Supreme Court.
  2. Ask Judge to rule that the disqualification was arbitrary, capricious and/or irrational.
  3. Request order finding decision to uphold disqualification was irrational.

How long does each step take?

How do I find out the status of my appeal?

Your attorney can contact the hiring agency to find out the status of your appeal.

How should I respond to the NYPD Psychologist’s questions?

You can prepare by speaking with me about tips and tactics of psychological interviews and the best practices to help you succeed.

When does the list for my exam expire?

The Expiration date of NYC Civil Service Exam lists can be checked by:

Calling 212 669-1357

Press 2

Enter your Social Security #

You will hear the date the eligible list was established and the date it expires.  This is usually 4 years.

Why do I need an attorney if the Psychologist does the appeal?

If my exam is close to expiring can I appeal?

What is the time frame for the appeal?

Time frames vary from one appeal to the next.  It is best to appeal promptly and cooperate in the appeal process whether it be 2nd psych interviews or follow up inquiries from background investigators. (BI)

How much does it cost to appeal?

My standard fee for NOPD and NOD appeals is $2,500.00 including any hearing before the NYC Civil Service Commission. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at:


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NYPD Disqualificaiton Appeals


The NYPD is still issuing Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD) during the current crisis.  If you receive a NYPD NOPD please call 516-248-3494 or email: If you were suspended in school you should say you were suspended in school. Your investigator and psychologist will ask for authorizations to find out if you have a school disciplinary record and when they get the reports from your SUNY school or any another college that you were suspended you will be disqualified and most likely will be unable to have a successful appeal.

If you were terminated from a job you should say you were because when the NYPD gets your Social Security lifetime history they will see what jobs you have had and you will have to explain why you were let go from certain jobs.

Unfortunately, if you don’t reveal these things you will get disqualified and will not be able to explain them away.

The Commission holds hearings to determine if your disqualification was improper. When you are disqualified that disqualification will not be reversed unless you choose to take action. I have been assisting disqualified NYPD, FDNY, DSNY and NYC DOC candidates for more than 18 years. Each appeal is different just as your history of school, work and personal relationships are different.

If you receive a NYPD NOPD for character disqualification, I offer a free ZOOM consultation or phone consultation.

I would be happy to speak with you to see if I can help you with your appeal. Please call me at 516-248-3494. You can also:

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NYPD Disqualification Appeals:

The NYPD continues to send out NOPDs during the shutdown. If you receive a NOPD disqualification please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the facts of your case via ZOOM during this COVID-19 social distancing period. Please stay safe.

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March 26, 2020 – “I received a NOPD from Department of Correction after being on psych hold for a whole year. Mr. Sheerin helped me out. In less than 6 months I was given a second oral psych and he continuously kept in touch with the department and informed me of the status. Decision was reversed, Very helpful law firm at a reasonable price…The communication is always on point, just a call or email away. Will review facts and discuss with you. Thank you for your help Mr. Sheerin and your staff. I can’t express how thankful I am…”
Charlie G

March 24, 2020 – “Kevin helped me get my disqualification reversed after a second interview.”
Anne L.

March 23, 2020 – “If you’re reading… as to how to proceed with your disqualification… LOOK NO FURTHER… I contacted Mr. Sheerin and from the minute I walked in to his office I felt hope. He didn’t make me any promises but [said] that he would do his best to try and help me… He was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease… His staff is very friendly and professional, always available to answer any questions… Regardless of the outcome… it is worth every… dollar so don’t hesitate and give them a call… I’ll update… how it turned out for me… Good luck everyone.”
Moreno B.

March 11, 2020 – “I was disqualified and got a second interview and prepared with Kevin Sheerin in his office and my disqualification was reversed.”
Jeff J.

February, 2020 – “Kevin helped me win my appeal. I am so glad I found him.”

January, 2020 – “Thanks to Mr. Sheerin’s help, my medical disqualification was overturned by the NYC Civil Service Commission. Mr. Sheerin presented an appeal package and follow up letter to the commission that was concise and professional. I highly recommend Mr. Sheerin. His knowledge of the appeals process is extraordinary.”
John M.

February 2020 – “Kevin Sheerin and Dr. Robert Daley helped me win my appeal. Hands down the best people to go thru this every step of the way. They know exactly what to do and how to do it to get positive outcome. FIVE STARS all the way.”

August, 2019 – “Extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Anthony E.

April, 2019 – “Kevin and his staff have been nothing but amazing. They guided me thru every step of my disqualification. They were always willing to answer every question and followed up frequently on the progress. I would highly recommend Kevin Sheerin…”
Gabriel V.

April, 2019 – “Kevin will give you a straight forward answer at the interview when you meet with him. He helped me to get on the job. NYPD (nopd). Thanks Kevin, very kindly appreciated it.”
Nyecon B.

April, 2019 – “If you are looking for answers and guidance regarding any Civil service job disqualification, I highly recommend Mr. Sheerin. He is a highly capable and honest attorney… with a great staff and reliable resources to solve your case… Mr. Sheerin, you are very knowledgeable, patient and reliable. Thank you for the time and dedication…”
Paola D.

April, 2019 – “Kevin helped me get on the job with his advice after 6 years of trying. Without his help, I wouldn’t be doing what I love !!! Thanks Kevin !!!”
Victor M.

March, 2019 – “After receiving a NOPD from NYPD I contacted Mr. Sheerin who worked with me on an appeal. Mr. Sheerin was able to get my disqualification reversed. Very happy and would highly recommend.”
Patrick M.

March, 2019 – “After…being wrongfully disqualified by the NYPD, I came across Kevin Sheerin and his team. Needless to say it was the best decision. He really took the time to handle the case and was there every step of the way… Thanks to Kevin, he was able to help beat this case and now I’m back on track to pursuing this as a career. Thank you again Kevin from the bottom of my heart!”
Freddy G.

April, 2018 – “Very helpful and stress free environment. Highly recommend Mr. Sheerin as an attorney.”
Robert M.

April, 2018 – “Very pleased with the service Mr. Kevin Sheerin provided. He got my character DQ reversed. I knew if I wanted to fight this I needed someone with experience for a reasonable cost. I definitely recommend him.”
J. Gee


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Candidates are sometimes surprised by the thoroughness of the psychological exam including the written and oral components. Additionally, candidates can be shocked to learn how thorough the psychologist will be when investigating the following: school; work; interpersonal relationships; family relationships; legal issues; financial issues; substance use or abuse; alcohol use or abuse and mental health history.

The psychologist will request documents from as far back as pediatrician records which often makes candidates wonder if the request is proper. Additionally, early psychotherapy records from childhood trauma or a parent’s divorce will be requested.

Often psychologists who counseled candidates in childhood may have closed their practice, discontinued work, retired, passed on or destroyed the records. Nevertheless, candidates must show that they made every effort to obtain the records and prove that to the interviewing department psychologist.

If a psychologist receives records after the oral interview the psychologist will review the records before making a final decision.

Attached is the international Association of Chiefs of Police Guidelines for Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations. They are used by many Law Enforcement agencies.

Click here to check the attached document

Candidates should be aware that if there are any documents from their past that indicate some testing or illness, or issues regarding school discipline or expulsion, or work discipline or termination, these documents will be requested by the interviewing psychologist.

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There is some confusion among candidates about whether they must appeal a NYPD psych review NOPD. (Notice of Proposed Disqualification) To clarify: you must appeal a NYPD NOPD psychological disqualification at the NOPD stage or your appeal will be dismissed. The Psychological Assessment section file may only be reviewed by a licensed health care professional. Your only opportunity to have your Psychological Services Assessment section file reviewed during this administrative process will be at this time. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BY THESE DEADLINES, THIS PRELIMINARY DETERMINATION OF PSYCHOLOGICAL UNSUITABILITY WILL BECOME FINAL. YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR FILE REVIEWED BY A LICENSED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL DURING THIS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS AND YOU WILL RECEIVE NOTIFICATION THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DISQUALIFIED. If you try to begin your appeal, as many people would advise you at the NOD stage, the NYPD Legal Bureau will move to dismiss your appeal for failing to exhaust your administrative remedies and failing to have your psychological file sent to your Mental Health Professional (MHP) at the NOPD stage. Your appeal may be dismissed.

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