For those interested in a job with the New York State Department of Correctional Services, there is information online regarding the psychological screening program for correction officer trainee candidates which covers an overview of the screening program, lists the psychological tests administered, and explains the rating system. It also provides a breakdown of the number

“Can candidates who have had psychotherapy in the past be NYPD Police Officers?”

What psychological history will prevent me from being hired by the NYPD?

The NYPD does not automatically disqualify a candidate for having received counseling or some other form of mental health treatment. However, they will carefully review the facts in connection with

“Can candidates who have had psychotherapy in the past be NYPD Police Officers?”

What does the psychological exam entail?

The NYPD Police Officer written exam is long and tedious. You will want to come prepared, as you will be expected to complete a detailed autobiographical questionnaire, answer questions about your current and prior health status

The vision requirements for becoming a police officer go beyond just correctable eyesight and whether you can wear glasses or contacts. Police Officers can wear glasses or contacts, but there are still some things to consider.
  1. Vision Correction. Vision can be corrected to 20/20, with most departments requiring uncorrected vision be no lower than 20/40.

Each agency has their own policy regarding drug use including how long ago the drug use was, the type of drug(s), and the amount used. Of course, any current drug abuse is an automatic disqualifier.

Some agencies do not disqualify applicants for prior marijuana use provided that it has not occurred within the past several

Hearing loss among police officers and military people who use weapons in their line of work is common. It can come from exposure to loud noises which destroy the delicate hair cells of the inner ear. Today there are proven ways to compensate for this deficit through the use of sophisticated hearing technologies. So why

Law Office of Kevin P. SheerinThere is some confusion among candidates about whether they must appeal the NYPD psychological review Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD). To clarify: YES, you must appeal a psychological disqualification at the NOPD stage or your appeal will be dismissed. The Psychological Assessment section file may only be reviewed by a licensed health care professional.