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NYPD, FDNY, DSNY, Corrections disqualification appeals

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The disappointment and frustration of receiving a disqualification letter from NYPD, FDNY, DSNY or New York City Department of Corrections can be addressed by taking action rather than giving up. One of the great parts of New York City civil service jobs is the New York City Civil Service Commission.  The process of appeals has… Continue Reading

Was revocation of Alcohol Counselor’s clearance because of old convictions proper?

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This was the recently issue in an Article 78 suit brought of remedy a security clearance revocation for old criminal convictions.   The Court addressed the issue of whether an alcohol counselor was seeking “membership” in a law enforcement agency.  The court answered this question in the negative and ordered reinstatement of the security clearance for… Continue Reading

Privilege against self incrimination not violated at NYS CSL sect 75 hearing

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After charges were filed and a hearing held before a hearing officer Petitioner filed an Article 78 suit claiming his privilege against self incrimination had been violated. The Appellate Division, Second Department wrote: “The privilege against self-incrimination was not a bar to the disciplinary charges because the petitioner was not required to waive his immunity… Continue Reading

Pistol Permit denied after Article 78 Petition

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Petitioner was denied a pistol permit and filed suit. Carol S. Klein was an acting Suprme Court Judge in Orange County, New York.  The Appellate Division, Second Department affirmed Judge Klein’s decision to uphold the pistol licensing officer’s decision to deny the applicant a permit. Penal Law sect 400(1) sets forth the eligiblity requirements for… Continue Reading

Article 78 denied NYC DOB single attempt at service of NOV and “affixing” found sufficient service.

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Petitioner filed suit under Article 78 to vacate decisions on nine Notices of Violation (NOV) file against them by the Department of Buildings. (DOB)  At issue was whether a single attempt at personal service following by “affixing” a notice was sufficient.  The court held that this was sufficient and that the New York City Charter… Continue Reading

Factors considered in NYPD Disqualifications

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When appealing an NYPD character disqualification what are the factors considered? Frequency of violations or infractions, such as arrests, moving violations or other incidents such as school discipline or work discipline.  If you were suspended or expelled from school this would work against your NYPD Police Officer application. Also if you were late or disciplined… Continue Reading

Appealing a Character Disqualification from the NYPD

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I posted this information for disqualified candidates 7 years ago and the information contained in the post is essential to appeal today.  If you receive an NYPD character, NYPD psych disqualification or NYPD medical disqualification call me toll free (888)998-99894 to discuss your case. Appealing a Character Disqualification from the NYPD Posted in Article 78,… Continue Reading

NYPD Disqualification appeal

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New York Civil Service Law Attorney to help you with your disqualification appeal to NYPD, New York City Police Department; FDNY, Fire Department of City of New York;  NYC Department of Sanitiation; New York City Department of Corrections or DCAS New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services.… Continue Reading

DCAS Special Officer Disqualification Reversed

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In a lawsuit brought by the New York community service Society for petitioner, KM, Judge Moulton of the New York County Supreme Court Held That BOTH the Department of Citywide Administrative Services and the New York City Civil Service Commission Failed to Consider Correction Law Article 23 a in Disqualifying the Petitioner. Petitioner applied for… Continue Reading

TLC Article 78 case

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Petitioner taxicab driver was found to have overcharged passengers on three occasions. Nonetheless he was only adjudicated once as having done so. The Appellate Division, first Department found that the driver had failed to exhaust his administrative remedies because despite multiple overcharging incidents he had only been adjudicated one time is having overcharged. The regulation… Continue Reading

New Regulations Concerning DWI/DUI Offenses

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            As of now, all people that require a substance abuse screening or assessment are required to submit to a drug test, consent to having the evaluator look at their DMV Driving Abstract, arrest information as well as allow the evaluator to contact a significant other who will be questioned regarding the arrest.            Starting… Continue Reading