I represent Candidates who fail their NYPD Psychological evaluation for law-enforcement positions. If you receive a psychological disqualification, it is important to understand that the NYPD uses a variety of courses to determine a candidate’s suitability.

Some candidates say or hear from others that they failed the written psychological. The written psychological exam is only

In the event you fail the NYPD Psychological Test you will receive (by email) a Notice of Proposed Disqualification stating that you are psychologically disqualified from the NYPD Police Officer title. You have thirty days from the date of the NOPD to appeal. For a successful outcome, you should hire both an attorney and a

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If you failed your NYPD Psychological Test and received a Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD), you have the right to appeal. There are two crucial factors when appealing a Psychological Disqualification. The first is that you properly follow the appeal process. The second is the facts of your case.

It is vital that you consult

Qualifying Age:

The minimum age of appointment is 21 years old. However, candidates are eligible to take the Police Officer’s Entrance Exam at seventeen and one half (17½) years old. Candidates may take the Entrance Exam up until their 35th birthday.


Education: You must have earned 60 college credits with a minimum 2.0

Although it is now legal for New Yorkers to possess and smoke marijuana, police agencies across New York are letting Officers know that they are still prohibited from using the drug, even while off duty.This issue will probably need to be revisited if the federal government decides to remove marijuana from the list of

Once hired as a police recruit, prospective officers attend the New York City Police Academy. The rigorous training program lasts six months. The NYPD requires 913 hours of training for their new recruits, which is higher than the New York state-mandated requirement of 700 hours. Of the 913 hours of training: 269 hours are focused

Salary and Benefits

NYPD Police Officers receive a substantial benefits package which includes paid vacation, paid sick leave, and retirement funds. In addition to the salary, further compensation includes longevity pay, holiday pay, and uniform allowance, along with opportunities for overtime.


The NYPD starting salary is $42,500.
The salary after 5 ½ years is