Candidates are generally not provided feedback or explanation regarding their assessment results, since the Psychological Screening Evaluations are used as an assessment tool for preemployment and/or security screenings, and providing such detailed information to disqualified Candidates could potentially:

1) undermine the independence of a second-opinion process, which a Candidate can request in the event they were previously disqualified. If granted, the psychological screening records will be forwarded to the qualified outside professional conducting the second-opinion evaluation. Furthermore, if the results of such medical or psychological examination would result in a disqualification, the applicant may submit independent medical opinions for consideration before a final determination on disqualification is made. In short, providing disqualified candidates with the detailed reasons that lead to an adverse decision may influence how they present themselves during the testing and/or interview of a second-opinion or other subsequent evaluation;

2) place the Psychologist in an irreconcilable dual relationship. Since Psychologists serve as an agent of the hiring agency, it is the hiring agency, not the candidate, who is the client. This obligation requires the Psychologist adopt a perspective and orientation of objectivity, devoid of any advocacy for the Candidate. This role could be compromised if the Psychologist tries to serve the interests of both the hiring agency and the Candidate simultaneously; and,

3) breach the confidentiality of the background investigation, as information provided by references and other collateral sources during the background investigation are protected, as is employment information disclosed by an employer to a requesting law enforcement agency.

For more information regarding POST: Candidate Feedback from Psychological Screening Evaluation, click the link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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