Personal Injury/Negligence

Matter of Monfort v Rockville Centre Union Free School District

Infant petitioner was running laps around the track at South Side High School in Rockville Centreduring a girls’ varsity lacrosse team practice when she was allegedly “blind-sided by a flying discus”. Petitioner was seeking to impose liability on the school district based on a theory

Rosenthal v Arlington Central School District

Defendant moved for summary judgment dismissing plaintiff’s complaint against school for an alleged injury on school grounds. The infant plaintiff was allegedly injured while participating in a baseball game during gym class. The students were playing with a foam-like ball and a foam bat with a plastic handle. While

Diana Hallock v Riverhead Central School District

Defendant appealed an order from Supreme Court denying its motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint, an action to recover damages for personal injuries sustained on a school bus and at school. The defendant established its entitlement to judgment by submitting evidence proving no actual or constructive notice