NYPD Disqualification Appeals

NYPD Disqualification Appeals Process. When you apply for a law enforcement job frequently candidates believe that the agency that is considering hiring them doesn’t have access to all their records.

The Hiring Agency eg. has database is connected to virtually everything: all criminal courts; DMV‘s; all credit reporting agencies; IRS lifetime earnings reports etc.

Therefore, when asked to fill out documents such as the CAS 5 candidates mistake these requests as if the hiring agency doesn’t know what is in a candidate’s documents already.

The next big mistake candidates make is believing that “I forgot” is a valid excuse

Anytime you file for a law enforcement position the first should be  collecting all the documents requested for your application. You would need to go to all the local criminal courts where you were the arrested or received the summons. We have to get those certificates of disposition.

You have to go online to New York State DMV and request a Lifetime Driver’s Abstract which may cost you $10 we may have a copy from another time. I need to be sure that it’s accurate up-to-date and all inclusive. If there is either accident, summons a suspensions or revocation you have to explain them.

Every time you had a job in your life from the early stage where are your employer took out some deductions the IRS has a print out Lifetime work history when you have to explain every job there may be some jobs that you either let go or resigned you have to be fully disclosing all of our information.

It is best to get the facts before you act.  Unfortunately, “I forgot, it was so long ago” will get you disqualified for omitting pertinent facts which is a very big issue with the hiring agencies.

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