One of my clients was recently called to a second psychological interview with the NYPD.

The interview lasted 3 1/2 hours.

What can you take from this?

One, is that these interviews and processes are not taken lightly. If that were true, the psychologist would not have spent 3 1/2 hours with the candidate and would not have been that thorough and complete when questioning the candidate who had appealed their disqualification.

Two, is that this is a very serious matter, and the NYPD psychologist wanted to be sure before approving the candidate.

Three, is that the NYPD is increasing it’s hiring and is looking for candidates to appoint, so they will thoroughly cover every topic of concern in their interviews.

The candidate was successful and was informed by the NYPD that they had passed the interview and would be returned to processing for entry into the Police Academy.

Accordingly, I would recommend that if you receive a disqualification, you seriously consider appealing the psychological interview. As always, it’s not going to get worse, as you are already disqualified. Due to increased hiring and future scheduled police academy classes, the NYPD looks at candidates who appeal as people that have a strong desire to be a Police Officer. When you pursue an appeal, you are letting the NYPD know that you are willing to invest your time and make a case that you are suitable for policing.

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