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NYPD Disqualification Appeals Lawyer

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If you received a Notice of Proposed Disqualification in your email inbox you can appeal.  I offer a free consultation if you receive an NYPD psychological disqualification, medical disqualification or character/background disqualification.  Please call 516-248-3494 or email me at to arrange for a free consultation.  Two factors are crucial in your disqualification appeal.  The… Continue Reading

NYPD psych disqualified candidates MUST appeal upon receipt of Notice of Proposed Disqualification-NOPD

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NYPD Psych Disqualification Disqualified NYPD Police Officer candidates who receive a letter called Notice of Proposed Disqualification (NOPD) based on psychological issues must file an appeal within 30 days! Failure to file an appeal and designated an expert to receive your file to prepared an rebuttal appeal report will result in having your case dismissed… Continue Reading