The NYPD written testing is a full day of paperwork, administered in a group setting. Candidates should be prepared to complete autobiographical questionnaires, symptom inventories, and two lengthy objective personality inventory measures.

The oral interview is a one-on-one evaluation with a Psychologist who will ask you questions about your educational, employment, psychological, medical and legal

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Screening Psychologists are responsible for collecting, reviewing and integrating test data, personal history information (including pertinent medical records), and clinical interview data, which they then utilize to determine the suitability of a Candidate. Screening Psychologists must be careful to minimize their reliance on impressionistic judgments and maximize their use of evidence-based methods and strategies when

Candidates must be open and honest during their Psychological Interview. If the Interviewing Psychologist detects any type of deception, such deception could be viewed as grounds for Disqualification. While it may be assumed that deceptive people tend to be more evasive, less talkative, have longer response times and may deflect or avoid responses to direct

The length of a Candidate’s interview is based on the time the Psychologist needs to reach their goals and objectives. The entire interview process, from preparation (including review of the psychological test results, psychological history questionnaire, background investigation report, and any other relevant mental health treatment or evaluation records) through the interview itself generally takes

Candidates should be aware that psychological and relevant medical records will be obtained from their healthcare professionals, if warranted and obtainable. Approximately 25% of all Candidates have consulted with a psychological professional at some point in their life, and 1% have been in an inpatient facility. For those candidates, psychologists should have a clear and

It is imperative that a Candidate be particularly thorough, consistent and accurate when providing their personal history throughout the NYPD Police Officer application process. The Psychologists, as well as other NYPD personnel who review the collected data will view a Candidate’s lack of thoroughness, consistency and accuracy when describing their personal history as a negative

The predictive accuracy of a Candidate’s test results depends not only on the validity of the test, but also on their responsiveness to items in the test (thoroughness), response consistency (attention), and test-taking approach (straightforwardness). Because of the high stakes involved in preemployment screening, Candidates are generally motivated to be attentive and thorough when completing

Candidates are generally not provided feedback or explanation regarding their assessment results, since the Psychological Screening Evaluations are used as an assessment tool for preemployment and/or security screenings, and providing such detailed information to disqualified Candidates could potentially:

1) undermine the independence of a second-opinion process, which a Candidate can request in the event

Psychologists do not use just one item of information, but consider various integrate data when making a Suitability Determination. At the final step of the evaluation process, the Psychologist considers all of the information gathered when asking themselves the single, ultimate question: Does this candidate meet the minimum statutory, regulatory, and agency-specific criteria for psychological