In 2022, 29 of our clients received a Second Psychological Interview after receiving an NYPD Psychological Disqualification from the NYPD. This is the largest benefit of appealing your disqualification. 

Due to resignations and retirements NYPD is actively pursuing capable candidates for NYPD. Often candidates appear and in the course of their psychological evaluation reveal something that results in a disqualification. Often these could be: taking attention medicine at any age; attending psychotherapy for counseling at any age, having some difficulties with academics in high school or college or general problems associated with growing up and maturing into adulthood. Upon receiving a psychological disqualification many candidates talk to friends, family or current Police Officers who will discourage them and tell them appealing is useless.

Quite the contrary, appealing a psychological disqualification and fighting back can lead to a second psychological interview. 

My clients will be thoroughly prepared when I receive the whole psychological file and spend time with them preparing for what is to come. We will discuss:

  1. The key issues
  2. Talk through what was happening at that point in your life
  3. Speak about what may have caused these issues

      4.  Discuss how to describe those times in the best perspective

      5. Consider if you have overcome those issues or have persisted, persevered or even thrived after having those problems

      6. Discuss talking about where you are now.

If you receive an NYPD  Psychological disqualification it is worthwhile to appeal most importantly because you could get a Second Interview and have your disqualification reversed.

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