According to Lisa Colangelo from the Daily News, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services is attempting to ease the process of taking civil service exams. Besides the early Saturday morning written exams DCAS is now operating a Computerizes Testing Center on LaFayette St, in Manhattan where candidates are able to walk in and take tests several times a week. This is an attempt to get the city a greater selection of applicants who can apply on their time. During July five tests are being offered: police officer, correction officer, traffic enforcement agent, environmental police officer, and eligibility specialist. 

After successfully passing the test a list is created by the city that is valid for four years. These tests are being offered in anticipation that the city will have openings in the near future. The best way to find out more about exams is the DCAS website ( There is information on locations and required materials for upcoming tests, promotional tests, and past exams. You are able to apply and pay application fees online and it is also recommended that applicants call 311 or (212) 669-1357 to check schedules.   

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