Petitioner, Carol Nolett, brought about this appeal to challenge her termination by the Board of Education of the Greater Johnstown City School District. Petitioner has been a teacher in this district since 1990 when she received a probationary appointment in the tenure area of remedial reading. Ms. Nolett gained tenure in 1993 in the tenure area of remedial reading and has been teaching “Remedial Reading – Academic Intervention Services” (AIS) since 2000.

During the 2007-2008 school year, petitioner and three other teachers taught AIS. According to petitioner, she had the most seniority of the four teachers in the “tenure area” and alleged that one teacher had taught AIS for only five and a half years while the other taught for only three.

In June of 2008, the board voted to abolish one position in the tenure area of remedial reading and selected petitioner as having the least seniority among the teachers in that tenure area. Petitioner argues that the board incorrectly calculated her seniority and that she has more seniority than the other two teachers. She appealed this decision, requesting to be reinstated as a full-time tenured teacher in the tenure area of remedial reading.

According to respondents, there is no such tenure area in AIS and that petitioner only taught reading within that program. Additionally, respondents assert that petitioner failed to name and serve the other teachers who she claims to have seniority over. The Court agrees that the appeal must be dismissed for failure to join the necessary parties whose rights would be adversely affected by a determination in favor of petitioner.

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