Law Office of Kevin P. SheerinIn the Matter of Department of Correction v Stanley Saint-Phard…

In this disciplinary proceeding, pursuant to Article 75 of the Civil Service Law, Respondent, a Correction Officer, allegedly used impermissible force against an inmate by dispersing a chemical agent in the inmate’s face and also placed the inmate in a chokehold.

On October 16, 2008,

In the Matter of Juan C. Rivera v. Thomas P. DiNapoli, as Comptroller of the State of New York, et al.

In this Article 78, Petitioner sought for to review a determination of Respondent which denied Petitioner’s Application for disability retirement benefits.

In 2004, Petitioner Juan C. Rivera, a correction officer, suffered a heart attack


Matter of Michael MacLeod v Robert l. Megna, as Commissioner of Taxation and Finance



 In this Article 78 case, the court reviewed a decision of the Tax Appeal Tribunal which uphold sales and use tax assessment required under Tax Law articles 28 and 2.


Petitioner was the president and sole

The Village of Montgomery and Town of Mount Hope must stop using in-house police ranks and start hiring police supervisors from a competitive list. Orange County has decided not to certify its payroll if they do not comply with Civil Service Law. After a local paper identified village officers as chiefs and sergeants, the Personnel