Matter of Oyster Bay Associated Limited Partnership v Town Board of Town of Oyster Bay

This Article 78 appeal was commenced to review a determination of the Town Board of the Town of Oyster Bay denying petitioner’s application for a special use permit. The Supreme Court reversed the Town Board’s order and granted petitioners’ motion

The Town of Carroll has been fighting against the expansion of the Jones-Carroll Landfill for years. In 1989, the landfill was opened as a construction and demolition landfill. In 1996, the owners of the Jones-Carroll Landfill were granted a permit for further expansion of the landfill from 2 acres to 3 acres. When the town

Matter of Joseph Grogan v. Gerald Wright

This Article 78 case was brought about to review a determination of the Town of Hempstead Board of Appeals granting Shawn Pobiner with a parking space variance and special permit. The petitioner appealed the judgment of the Supreme Court which denied the petition and dismissed the proceeding.


Matter of Woodland Community Association v Planning Board of Town of Shandaken

This article 78 appeal was brought against a judgment dismissing petitioners’ application to review a determination of respondent Planning Board of the Town of Shandaken granting respondent Good Water Corporation’s application for site plan approval and a special use permit.

In 2006, respondent

Matter of Friends of Stanford Home v Town of Niskayuna

Article 78 appeal from a judgment which granted petitioner’s application to annul a determination of respondent Town Board of the Town of Niskayuna issuing a special use permit to respondent Highbridge Development BR, LLC.

Petitioners filed this Article 78 proceeding to annul the negative declaration