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NYPD Disqualification Appeal-from the old days.

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Brown v. Krone, 47 Misc. 2d 890, 263 N.Y.S.2d 385 (Sup. Ct. 1965), aff’d,25 A.D.2d 954, 271 N.Y.S.2d 600 (1966) Proceeding to compel restoration of petitioner’s name to police patrolman eligibility list. The Supreme Court, held that it was unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious to base removal of applicant’s name from list on his plea of guilty to offense… Continue Reading

NYPD April 2011 Cadet Class postponed

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April 2011 Police Academy Postponed April’s Police Academy has been postponed until July 2011. July’s class will consist of 900 members, including the 540-cadet class members who were postponed in January. The city’s goal is to save money by having only one class for the year.   Read more at     NY Daily News take… Continue Reading

Former cops suffer due to now illegal hair testing

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At least four former NYPD officers are currently suing the Department over their termination after receiving false positives from hair drug testing. One of these individuals is Roxann Hayes, a former NYPD Detective who tested positive for cocaine in a hair drug test. NYPD’s zero-tolerance drug policy resulted in Ms. Hayes losing her job and… Continue Reading

Article 78 appeal from NYPD medical disqualification for hearing impairment

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Matter of Antonio Cardona v City of New York Civil Service Commission Petitioner, Antonio Cardona, brought about this Article 78 proceeding to vacate his disqualification for appointment as a Police Officer with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Petitioner passed the written portion of the exam and was placed on the eligible list for… Continue Reading

Veteran allowed to apply to NYPD despite felony record

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Yesterday, Osvaldo Hernandez was granted relief from civil disabilities putting him one step closer to his goal of becoming a New York City police officer. Hernandez served a 15-month combat tour as a U.S. Army paratrooper in Afghanistan and wants to continue serving the community by joining the NYPD. Unfortunately, Hernandez has a felony record.… Continue Reading

The NYPD Department Advocate’s Office “Civilianized”

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A recent article in the New York Law Journal reported that the NYPD Department Advocate’s Office is now “civilianized”. The Department Advocate’s Office, which prosecutes officers in courtroom hearing before administrative law judges, is now composed of veteran litigators recruited primarily from the offices of district attorneys and the Legal Aid Society.  Traditionally, the advocate’s… Continue Reading