Lisa Colangelo of the New York Daily News recently wrote about the issue of provisional workers in New York City. Over two years ago, the city was ordered to reduce the number of provisional employees in the workforce. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has developed a five-year plan to reorganize civil service titles and

Matter of Jessica Coulter v State of NY Insurance Department

Petitioner brought about this Article 78 case to review a determination of the State of New York Insurance Department adopting the recommendation of a hearing officer and revoking petitioner’s insurance broker license in New York. Petitioner was charged with untrustworthiness and incompetence as an insurance

Petitioner, Carol Nolett, brought about this appeal to challenge her termination by the Board of Education of the Greater Johnstown City School District. Petitioner has been a teacher in this district since 1990 when she received a probationary appointment in the tenure area of remedial reading. Ms. Nolett gained tenure in 1993 in the tenure

Boakye-Yiadom v Roosevelt Union Free School District

Plaintiff brought about an action to recover damages for breach of contract, promissory estoppel, and defamation. The Supreme Court denied granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the complaint and plaintiff commenced this appeal.

Education Law requires that any complaint against the school district or board of education must be

Matter of Bridge & Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association v Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority

In January 2005, the Bridge and Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association changed its policy and required employees to substitute paid annual leave for FMLA leave. Prior to this, petitioner allowed employees to choice whether to take FMLA leave paid or unpaid. The

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to cancel January’s class of police officers in an effort to bridge billion-dollar deficits. This decision will affect more than 1,000 cadets. The next class will begin in July. This is only one of several extreme measures that Mayor Bloomberg is putting into effect to guide New York City through

The New York State Civil Service Commission

The CSC exercise authority over the classified civil service of the State.

The CSC retains broad merit system oversight responsibilities for both State and local government.

The functions of the Commission can be divided into three categories:

Quasi-Legislative Authority :The Commission promulgates rules and regulations for the classified