Respondent, a Corrections Officer was found guilty of bringing a Nook Wi-Fi Reader into a prohibited area of the inmate facility at the Rose M. Singer Canter.  Respondent admitted to her wrong doing immediately when Petitioner found the item that was not permitted in the facilities.  Respondent alleged that she had grabbed

In the Matter of Renee Morrell v. New York City Department of Education


Pursuant to CPLR 7511 and Education Law § 3020-A, Petitioner sought to vacate the findings and recommendations made by a hearing officer regarding her employment as a tenured teacher. The hearing officer found Petitioner guilty of disciplinary charges that were filed

Matter of Lou-Ann Elias v Raymond Kelly

This Article 78 proceeding was brought about by Petitioner Lou-Ann Elias to reverse a determination of respondent Police Commissioner finding the petitioner guilt of engaging in prohibited conduct with a punishment of 40 days suspension. Petitioner visited her estranged husband who was growing marijuana plants in his basement.

The New York State Civil Service Commission

The CSC exercise authority over the classified civil service of the State.

The CSC retains broad merit system oversight responsibilities for both State and local government.

The functions of the Commission can be divided into three categories:

Quasi-Legislative Authority :The Commission promulgates rules and regulations for the classified