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What are the rights of disqualified NYPD Candidates?

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DCAS is New York City’s personnel department.  DCAS has delegated the task of investigating applicants to the NYPD.  You can appeal your NYPD disqualification.  Applicants who are disqualified from appointment may challenge an agency’s findings on the grounds that such findings were made in bad faith or were arbitrary and capricious.     There are… Continue Reading

Civil Service Commission Appeal Guidelines

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Any individual or entity who feels that they have been aggrieved by an action or decision of the President of the Civil Service Commission may file an appeal to the Commission. The aggrieved party (“appellant”) should submit the appeal with all necessary supporting documents, in writing, according to the deadlines pertaining to the subject of… Continue Reading

Article 78 decision placing petitioner’s name on special eligible list reversed

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Matter of Melvin Deas v. Judith Levitt, Director of NYC Department of Personnel Petitioner took a promotional competitive exam in 1983 and obtained the third highest score on the list in 1984 but was deemed psychological unfit. He appealed the disqualification and underwent a second psychological evaluation. In 1985, the New York City Director of… Continue Reading

City Civil Service Commission

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New York City Charter § 813, Chapter 35: Department of Citywide Administrative Services    According to the NYC Charter § 813, the city civil service commission should consist of five members appointed by the mayor from a list of nominations provided by the screening committee. They will serve for overlapping terms of six years and… Continue Reading

Article 78 challenging termination from FDNY results in Court ordering proof that petitioner’s doctor’s note was considered prior to termination

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  Adam R. Duchinsky v. Nicholas Scoppetta, Fire Commissioner of the City of New York, and The City of New York This Article 78 case was brought about by Petitioner, Adam Duchinsky to challenge his termination and seek reinstatement as a probationary firefighter with the Fire Department of the City of New York. Petitioner was… Continue Reading

Civil Service Commission disqualifies applicant

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The following was originally posted at Public Personnel Blog of Harvey Randall, Esq. Disqualifying an applicant for appointment by a civil service commission Matter of Murray v County of Nassau Civil Service Commission, 2007 NY Slip Op 50927(U), Supreme Court, Nassau County, James P. McCormack, J. The Nassau Civil Service Commission disqualified Sandor Murray for… Continue Reading