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– forensic assessment
– police psych exam disqualifiers

We moved our office to a new location to better serve you! Please note our new address:

555 Broadhollow Road, Suite 101 Melville, NY 11747

We moved, but our telephone number and focus on client services remain the same. So, if you have been disqualified for any reason and would like a chance to have your disqualification reversed, we strongly urge you to contact Kevin at 516.248.0040 to discuss your NYPD appeal options. Kevin can answer any questions you may have about your NYPD disqualification.

Email: kevin@sheerinlaw.com

Blog: civilservice.sheerinlaw.com

Website: www.sheerinlaw.com

Podcast: www.newyorkcivilservicelawattorneypodcast.com

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