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What should I write in my personal statement? How long should it be?

The NYPD does not have any length or content requirements for your personal statement. You may want to consider your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your greatest challenges and achievements. You should also consider the oral interview (e.g., what went well, what didn’t, what you wish you would’ve said, etc.) and the position for which you are applying. Consider a few reasons why your psychologist might have felt that you are not currently suitable for the role and then try to specifically address those topics. If you have had any major life changes (e.g., changes to employment) or major achievements since your oral interview, the NYPD recommends that you include that information as well.

After submitting an appeal were you offered another interview? Here are a few tips from the NYPD…

Appeal interviews are conducted by consulting third-party psychologists, typically at either the NYPD’s Medical Division in Queens or the Candidate Assessment Center in Manhattan. If you have been offered another interview, the NYPD recommends that you:

  1. Arrive on time;
  2. Dress in business attire; and,
  3. Be prepared to talk about your history (i.e., education, employment, legal issues, psychological information, etc.), even if these topics were covered extensively in your first interview.

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-NYPD Psychological Assessment Appeals: FAQs