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The following are 10 Surprising Reasons why NYPD Candidates may be disqualified:

  1. Exhibiting difficulties and/or instability in such areas as school, employment or personal history.
  2. Having excessive traffic violations.
  3. Recent use of drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances.
  4. Discharge from employment as a result of poor behavior or the inability to adjust to discipline.
  5. Exhibiting poor social media behavior, immaturity or judgment.
  6. Having poor credit.
  7. Driving with a suspended license.
  8. Being dishonorably discharged from the United States Military.
  9. Being convicted of an offense (indicating lack of good moral character or disposition towards violence or disorder).
  10. Unethical conduct, intentional misrepresentation or falsifying information during the application process.

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-10 Surprising Reasons Why NYPD Candidates Get Disqualified