NYPD has the right to request a candidate’s medical and psychological records. A history of mental health treatment, including psychopharmacological treatment (such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, mood stabilizers, stimulants) or a history of mental health evaluations are all examples of circumstances where requesting records associated with treatment or evaluation might be warranted.

Whether or not the NYPD chooses to acquire records will depend upon how recently a candidate received treatment or evaluation, the duration of the treatment, how it relates to other documented or self reported adaptation problems, the nature of the treatment or evaluation, the diagnosis that necessitated the treatment and any other factors that might normalize, mitigate or aggravate the significance of the intervention or evaluation. For example, brief marital counseling a decade ago with no evidence of serious conflict in the marriage is unlikely to warrant the acquisition of records. However, a prescription for lithium, even a few years ago, could potentially reveal serious mental health conditions associated with the common uses of that medication.

For more information on this matter click the link below and read Chapter 7: Personal History Information, which discusses reasons the NYPD might want to obtain a candidate’s psychological or medical records:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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