The JST – or Job Standard Test – is the standard physical fitness test for the New York police department exam.

Working as a police officer is physically demanding – and the department needs to ensure that you have the fitness level required to work effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Without stopping, candidates must complete the Job Standard Test in 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

There are six elements to the fitness exam – in the following order:

  • Barrier surmount – from a kneeling position, candidates must ascend a 6 foot barrier after sprinting 50 feet to reach the barrier.
  • Stair climb – ascending a 6-stair climb system.
  • Physical restraint simulation – measuring how candidates perform in a simulated environment that tests their ability to handle physical force and restraint.
  • Pursuit chase – 600 foot navigation around cones.
  • Victim rescue – dragging a 176 pound simulated mannequin victim 35-feet.
  • Trigger pull – the candidate picks up an inoperable firearm and pulls the trigger 15 times with both the dominant and non-dominant hand. The exam timer will stop once the last trigger is pulled. The firearm must remain inside the nine-inch diameter ring during this phase of the test.

To complete the Job Standard Test in 4 and a half-minutes is challenging.

Candidates must be in peak physical performance to make it through to the next phase of the NYPD police officer exam.

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