The number of candidates getting their disqualification reversed at a second psychological interview has recently increased.

You must file a NYPD Psych DQ NOPD Appeal in order to get a chance at a second interview.  If you receive a second interview you are best served to know the issues that were raised in your disqualification and the arguments made by your appeal Mental Health Professional (MHP).

NOTE: If you receive a NYPD Psych Review NOPD nothing will change unless you take action and appeal it.

I offer a free consultation in my office if you receive a NOPD. Due to the Covid-19 shutdown I also offer a free ZOOM consultation.

If you are offered a second interview, I will prepare you for the interview.  This preparation is included as part of your appeal representation.

If you receive a NYPD Psychological DQ NOPD please call 516-248-0040 to schedule your free consultation.


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