Some of the Most  Frequent questions I receive:

Should I appeal my Civil Service job disqualification?

Well, consider what happens to your chances of being a law enforcement officer if you let a disqualification stand.

Most law enforcement agencies are required to conduct an investigation for every exam you take but how authentic will it be?

Possibly not so in depth because the person doing the investigation or testing will have in the back of their mind that you were already disqualified by another agency.  They may try to piggyback on that decision.

So your chances of ever being in law enforcement are severely damaged by your failure to take action to fight your disqualification.

By fighting your disqualification the situation never gets worse – it can only get better. That is, the disqualification could get overturned.

Agencies will even use the fact that you did not appeal your disqualification against you and say that you did not even appeal last time you were disqualified which they imply shows that the disqualification was proper.  They do not say that you didn’t appeal because you didn’t have the funds, time, energy, were a student, were living out of the country or were in the armed forces.  They only state that you were disqualified and did not appeal.

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