Respondent, a Corrections Officer was found guilty of bringing a Nook Wi-Fi Reader into a prohibited area of the inmate facility at the Rose M. Singer Canter.  Respondent admitted to her wrong doing immediately when Petitioner found the item that was not permitted in the facilities.  Respondent alleged that she had grabbed the wrong shopping bag from her locker, and hid the bag that contained the unauthorized item behind a garbage bag.  Petitioner claimed she had a good track record and had not been any trouble before that incident.

          Following her conversation with senior members at the facility, she was immediately suspended pre-hearing for fifteen days suspension without pay.  The Administrative Law Judge recommended she be suspended for 10 days.  Given that she had already been charged with fifteen days it was recommended she be credited with the extra five days pay.

          It was recommended that due to Respondents clean disciplinary record and her overall acceptance of responsibility that a penalty suspension of ten days without pay is appropriate, and because Respondent was immediately suspended without pay for fifteen days, that the Department credit her five days pay.

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