Matter of James Johnson v Town of Amherst

In this Article 78 case, petitioner sought to annul the determination of the Town of Amherst terminating his employment for failure to meet the residency requirement of the Town Code. Employees are required to be domiciliaries of the town which means they must have a permanent home in Amherst. Respondents presented evidence at the hearing which established that petitioner’s family lived in a home in Elba, New York. Additionally, petitioner listed this address in Elba on his income tax forms and admitted that he had no intention of moving to Amherst and only established residency with the Town to comply with the requirements of his employment. Therefore, the Court must agree with the decision of the Town of Amherst that petitioner is a domiciliary of Elba and thus the Town’s decision is supported by substantial evidence and must be upheld.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court confirmed the determination and dismissed the proceeding without costs.

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