Eric Devendorf, a star shooting guard for the Syracuse University Orangemen basketball team may have to file an Article 78 petition to get a one semester suspension overturned.  Devendorf was found to have violated the Syracuse University Student Code when he hit a female student after a traffic incident.  Members of the basketball team were leaving a campus party when they came upon a car driven by Kimberly Smith another student.  Ms. Smith said Mr. Devendorf struck her in the jaw. 

William Sullivan, Devendorf’s attorney, said that his client would file an appeal of his one semester suspension on 12/17/08.  If the appeal is not granted Mr. Sullivan said that he would file an Article 78 petition and seek a stay of the suspension during the course of the Article 78 in the hopes Mr. Devendorf continue to play ball until the case is resolved.  Click here for details.