Matter of Patricia Luca v Nassau County

Patricia Luca’s conflicts with Nassau County began in November 2000 when she was subject to sexual harassment at the county jail in East Meadow where she is employed. According to Luca, a fictitious scenario using her name was distributed while she was attending a workshop with colleagues. This scenario humiliated her and made her the butt of lewd comments. Luca filed a lawsuit regarding this incident and received an out-of-court settlement.

Luca claims that her challenging the county resulted in her being prevented from achieving her dream job of becoming a Nassau County police officer. She took the police officer exam in 1994 and was eligible to be hired but her name was passed over until she reached the max age and was no longer eligible. Luca sued Nassau County for a second time charging retaliation by the county.

After seven years in court, Patricia Luca was awarded a total of $949,973.86 in damages and lost pay, legal fees, and other costs.

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